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Option Y

New building alongside existing. Total cost (option Y2): £2,324,500. End value: £657,000. Grant required to bridge deficit: £1,667,500.

Site plan

Option Y site plan

New building along back of pavement edge, with café and holiday let in the existing Warehouse north end. There are two alternative forms for the new building - a parallel-sided box, parallel to the back of pavement (Option Y1), or a wedge-shaped box with its west wall along the back of pavement and its east wall parallel to the Warehouse elevation (Option Y2). In both cases, the uses inside are library on the upper/street level, and commercial on the lower level. The commercial space could be offices or leisure-related retail (bike hire, etc), in single tenancy or as lock-up units.

The Warehouse in Option Y has a café in the northwest corner as for Option X, and either offices or the 3-bed 6-person holiday apartment on the first floor, entered from the northwest corner.
The level of public access provided in this scheme may assist in securing grant funding - i.e. library and holiday let uses. The level of access into the Warehouse cannot be specified, until the management of the space is sorted out. A building preservation trust or community development trust route may attract grant funding for the scheme as a whole, and with this will come the requirement for some sort of programme for regular use of the main Warehouse itself.

Floor plans

Click on the thumbnails below to view floor plans.

Option Y1: ground floor plan Option Y1: first floor plan
Option Y1: Ground floor plan Option Y1: First floor plan
Option Y2: ground floor plan Option Y2: first floor plan

Option Y2: Ground floor plan

Option Y2: First floor plan


Option Y

Option Y

Option Y

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