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Consultation dayPublic consultation took place in three main stages:

  1. April 2008: An open day was held in a vacant shop in Whaley Bridge, to canvass views about facilities in Whaley Bridge and open up discussion of possible uses for the Warehouse. An initial questionnaire was distributed at the open day and made available in the Library, at Footsteps and in the Whaley Bridge Town Council offices.
  2. Up to May 2008: Phase 1: the design team prepared seven different building form options to show how the Warehouse might be extended, five different layouts for distribution of uses in the buildings, and three options for dealing with the canal through the building. Feedback was drawn from an online form on this website and a questionnaire distributed throughout the village. A newsletter was circulated.
  3. Up to July 2008: Phase 2: the design team developed the four most popular building forms and considered how the preferred end uses might fit into these schemes. Heritage Works had a stall at the Whaley Water Weekend, 21 & 22 June, where staff talked with visitors about the proposals and encouraged them to vote for their preferred option. The questionnaire and voting slip was again made available in hard copy and on this website.

Consultation at Whaley Water Weekend 2008Consultation with stakeholders took place over the period of the study, by means of telephone conversations and meetings with:

We have received much helpful and enthusiastic feedback during the consultation process. Thank you to all those who contributed.

Please see the Links & Resources page of this website for more detail of the feedback from each stage of the consultation.

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