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Lime Mortar Training at Causey Hall

On 24 March 2009, Calderdale Council organised a Lime Mortar Training Day at one of the Trust's properties, Causey Hall in Halifax. Twelve contractors from local building firms attended a one-day training day run by Mark Womersley from Womersleys Ltd, suppliers of traditional and eco building materials. The course was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the Halifax Townscape Heritage Initiative, with the intention of raising awareness of historic building techniques amongst local builders. Many builders still believe that lime mortar is difficult to use compared to cement mortar, and many are still dubious about its effectiveness. This training day explained that lime helps the building to ‘breathe’ whereas modern cement traps moisture in the wall, causing stone decay and damp problems.

Lime mortar training at Causey Hall Lime mortar training at Causey Hall  

The organisers felt that the venue was the perfect location for the training course because it has adequate indoor and outdoor working space and it would be the ideal location for further courses.

One of the builders who attended the course was pleasantly surprised how easy the mortar was to work with and was grateful for the opportunity to try out something new. He would certainly send colleagues along if this or any other traditional skills courses were to be run in the future.


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