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What is 'Heritage Works' all about?

Heritage Works seeks to make historic buildings function effectively, adding value and contributing to the economy of the areas in which they are located. Heritage Works looks to assist local authorities and other agencies to tackle the planning blight and environmental degradation associated with derelict and under utilised historic buildings, bringing such heritage structures back into productive use.

Through the regeneration of historic buildings Heritage Works can make a fourfold contribution to the delivery of sustainable communities:

St Peter's Church, Ancoats, before restoration, 1996

St Peter's Church, Ancoats,
before restoration, 1996


Heritage Works improves the appearance of blighted areas, removing dereliction through the repair of buildings in accordance with a robust conservation philosophy, and at the same time upgrading them to meet modern standards of structural, thermal and acoustic performance and accessibility.

St Peter's, Ancoats, after restoration, 2006

St Peter's Church, Ancoats,
after restoration, 2006


Through the carefully targeted use of grants, low interest loans and other financial incentives that are available to the Trust on account of its charitable status, Heritage Works will develop economically viable strategies for the repair of historic buildings that are beyond the market. Heritage Works ensures that refurbished buildings contribute to ongoing economic regeneration through new, viable and sustainable end uses.

Heritage Open Day visitors to Murrrays' Mills

Lime mortar training day
at Causey Hall, Halifax


Heritage Works' projects engage with the local community. Dereliction contributes to a feeling of deprivation; restored buildings brought back into use add to the quality of life of those who use them or live and work near them. Historic buildings contribute to a sense of place and restoration contributes to local distinctiveness. Through education and outreach programmes the Trust will help to engender civic pride and secure local ownership of regeneration initiatives. Programmes also contribute to wider education and employment agendas, through capacity building, skills training provision and volunteering opportunities.

Murrays' Mills canal basin

6 King Cross St, Halifax
showing restored sash windows


Building conservation and reuse is by definition 'environmentally friendly'. The Trust ensures that its projects, and its contractors, embrace best practice in terms of energy consumption, recycling and environmental impact and strive to create conditions for long-term environmental sustainability in future use.

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